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This page is for the enjoyment of all my friends!

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The Bahr Family - Don, Amy, Christopher, Nicholas - May 2003

The Wilson Family - Jim, Amy, Rebecca and Sarah -

Christmas 2003


Christopher and Nicholas Bahr - Easter (April) 2004

Sarah and Rebecca Wilson &Santa


The Tatem Family - Stewart, Julie, Ryan and Paige - 2002

The Tatem Family - May 2003


Pam and Raini - Jun 2002

Raini, Vince, Matt, and Pam - Dec 2002

Pam, Alan, Raini & Charles got together over the Christmas holiday for dinner at The Greenery and then drinks at Pelican's - 2003
Brigid, Rebecca, Pam and Charles got together

over the summer of 2003 for dinner at The Greenery


Brigid White Family - Dec 2003

Caribbean Cruise May 2004 - Jim and Amy


Rachel, Pam & Tom - Jul 2004

Pam and Keith - Jul 2004



Mark, Pam & Michelle - Jul 2004

Travis, Julie, Keith, Pam - Aug 2004


Stewart, Julie, Pam, Keith - Aug 2004


If any of you have any old photos from high school or college and you can scan them, send them my way - hynes810@elp.rr.com - thanks. ph