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Backyard Progress















Finished Backyard

The sandy part looks like dirt, however it is called "chat" or "screening". It has texture and we really should have swept it with our handy new broom to make it smooth for you to see, however I was in a hurry to snap the photos.  The other thing is that I got a lot of shadows since the sun was setting, you have to be here to appreciate it. 


Our fire pit. Lava rock you see inside there. 


Arroyo rock and a soft yucca plant.


Screening is a little wet from washing the patio earlier. Sun wasn't reaching it to dry it before photo shoot. 


Our running fountain with little fishing bear perched. 


Our plants are very small but will mature later.


What Pam calls the alien landing pod. Just another place to have a table and chairs.

The white stuff you see is called limescale. It is the calcium deposits coming up from the brick, flagstone and cement that was used in the contruction of the backyard. It should clean up naturally after a while.


Sidewalk on one side of yard.


Keith's windmill.  The sun doesn't do it justice. It is really cute and really works.


We planted two palms, one on each side of the house.


Another view of the fountain with the mountain behind.


Window washer helper.


Our upright rosemary bush.


Again, some more limescale we are suffering through. See if you can find the plant that Keith calls the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  Do you see it? 


One of our scrawny immature bushes called a Russian Sage.


Our Hawthorne Bush.