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Here are some of my favorite websites.

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Amazon * My all-time favorite website for buying things online. It allows me to do research before I buy. It remembers what I like and makes recommendations for similar products and titles.


 KLove * Christian radio station, listen online


Intellicast or AccuWeather * I like to find out what the weather is in different places where people I know live. Just type in the zip code and you can see radar, satellite, and the forecast.


Edward Jones * My new job with Edward Jones started on December 16, 2002. I work with clients to develop a strategy to help them achieve their long-term financial goals, generally retirement planning and college savings. My office is located at 7181 Westwind, Suite C, Phone - 915-833-7218. Edward Jones was rated by Fortune Magazine in February 2002 and 2003 as the #1 company to work for, and in 2004 we ranked #4.  Click hereto see a .pdf version. (Requires Adobe Acrobat software.) More news: click here.   To see what products and services I can offer, click here.


The Stitchery * I love to cross stitch. Here is one of my favorite websites. I love looking at the finished products, wishing I had more time to do more stitching.


All Recipes.com * Everyone knows I love to cook. Here is my favorite website for searching recipes.


El Paso Times Online * I get to read the newspaper online, that's the way I keep up with what's going on locally.