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March 2012

Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Everett looking out the airplane window in anticipation
Arriving in Nassau, Bahamas
Cruise ships docked
Driving on the opposite side of the road
The Hotel Atlantis
Friends Nikki and Suzie
Everett the elevator operator
At the hotel library
Everett got to make a stuffed animal pal. He chose a penguin and named him Penguino.

He had to make a wish, build him, dress him, and take an oath to hug him and love him every day, etc.

The Bahamas flag
In the casino
The Aquariums and Lagoons and

the mythological ruins of Atlantis

Oops, got a reflection on this one.
This fish was as big as Everett
In Pam's opinion - the "nasty" green eels, ugh, yuck...
These sting rays were GIGANTIC
Lobsters on the overhead glass window
HUGE fish again
Blue jellyfish
Everett and the scuba diver
Everett's shark tattoo
The Pools
Flowers and Yachts
Other photos...
Everett's face painted like a pirate after an

afternoon at Atlantis Kids Adventure

Table napkins shaped like boats
Everett's snakey he painted in Atlantis Kids Adventure
Junkanoo costume
Light is too bright outside for Everett this morning...
Patrick's 10th Birthday
Taekwondo Belt Testing March 2012

Everyone sitting quietly, waiting for testing to start

Little Tigers, just for fun
Waiting his turn
Basic Blocking Form
Waiting his turn for sparring
Board Breaking x3
Waiting for his new Yellow Stripe Belt
Everett with his new Yellow Stripe Belt
Master Meek and Everett with his Yellow Stripe
Michael and Patrick in Chicago, on the glass overlooking the city