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1632 Quinta Del Sol

(translation = Chateau of the Sun)

Bienvenido - mi casa es su casa...



Front door and small entry

Living room shutters


Stairway to 2nd floor

Chandelier in dining room, kitchen to the rear


Kitchen counter, gas cooktop, and other appliances

Island with gas cooktop, looking into den


Looking into kitchen from den

Wet bar, let's party!


Kitchen nook, look at the view out the window, wow wee, Franklin Mountains

Fireplace in den, and doors to backyard


Looking from den to front door

Looking from den to kitchen and entrance


View of back porch from the outside

View of master bedroom balcony from outside


From outside, looking at kitchen nook

Our view is spectacular...


Our view is extraordinary...

Our view is breathtaking...


Our view is phenomenal...

Our view is incredible...


Our view is fascinating...


Looking at entrance from top of stairs, Jeeves would you get the door?

In master bedroom looking out


This is the view from the bedroom window, wow wee!!!!


Master bath, double sinks

Steps to Jacuzzi tub


Jacuzzi tub with a view

Master shower


Looking down the hallway from master bedroom to guest bedroom at end of hall

Master shower


Guest shower

Guest bathroom


Guest bedroom

Guest bedroom and closet


Looking down the hall from guest bedroom to master bedroom

Ceiling fan in master and similar one in den


Front door

Shower nooks, something new these days


Gas cooktop

Microwave and oven


Kitchen nook light fixture

Standard lighting fixture, option to add ceiling fan later if desired


Hallway lighting, Keith says it reminds him of something Roman